Wednesday, December 31, 2008

It's official!

The flights have been purchased as of last night. I can say with certainty now that WE ARE GOING TO HAWAII!!! February 9. Holy moly, it took long enough! 3 months of planning: becoming a member of WWOOF hawaii, drilling Gina with Hawaii questions, saving money, emailing farms, calling farms, emailing farms again, filling out applications, chatting on the phone, looking at flights, looking at flights, looking at flights, calling Hawaiian Airlines when their website was down and finally booking our flights over the phone--old school! Obviously i'm excited and amazed that we're actually going. I'm also a little nervous as I usually am before big trip and we're going to live with people we've never met(though on the phone they sounded pretty cool). We're going to be WWOOFing on a lettuce farm owned by two young families. Em and I are going to be staying in a large canvas-y tent that is supposed to have a bed in it and we'll be sharing bathrooms and kitchen space with 3-4 other volunteers. It will be nice to meet new people and work on a farm again.

If praying is your thing, say a little one for Em and I as we prep for the trip and for our trip in general.


Friday, September 19, 2008

Hawaii bound

Hey everybody. Emily and I will be sharing our Hawaii experiences here. Check it out.