Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ukuleles and Ohm

1st-ly, Photos from Emily:

Em and I have been messing around on the ukulele and I can choppily play Jack Johnson - Breakdown and a simple Hawaiian blessing song. Em is getting good a playing Help Me Rhonda by the Beach Boys. I'm thinking I want a ukulele, but may wait til I get back to the mainland b/c they're all made in china anyway (well, the ones under $100 are).

We have a new vibe going on around the farm. A couple of the new apprentices are way into yoga and meditation and one of their friends made us a raw food meal the other day, complete with raw chocolate--best choc i've ever had maybe.

Em and I just hit our 3 month mark and have less than 1 month left on the farm. That means I only have to work at the after-school program 2 more weeks! Oh, i mean...dang, only 2 more weeks. I have learned that I do not want to be a teacher of a class of elementary aged children, especially naughty boys. For me, it's not worth the pay or even worth the funny stories it makes afterwards.

Miss you all and Happy Birthday Michelle-y. I'm going to try to call her right now!


Sunday, May 3, 2009

Mushi mushi, I heart sushi.

It was such a fun weekend.

On Friday, I went snorkeling at a place called Two Step (named for the two steps carved out of the lava rock that you use to get in the water). I was with 6 Japanese women who all were speaking Japanese to each other. Haha, it was fine though. Gave me time to think. At two step, someone spelled out the word ALOHA under the water in cinder blocks. We went to this remote beach (I think it was called Ke'e beach) after snorkeling and sat and watched the beautiful water for a while. Yuko's friend, Kiwami (the one who fed us sea urchin), made us sushi and miso chicken. My goodness, I have fallen in love with sushi. Yuko is leaving on Saturday and we're planning a sushi feast on Thursday. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. We saw a couple of sea turtles and some cool fish who would stick their fins out of the water and look like sharks. A local dog came and hung out with us and chased a sea turtle in the water. Yuko and I think Hawaiian dogs are funny because they chase turtles and eat avocados.

Saturday i got to sleep in and I woke up at 7am! Emily, David (apprentice), and I hiked down to the Captain cook monument and snorkeled. Then later that day, we went over to a park with Barry's family and played baseball, basketball, and FRISBEE! It was so good to huck a frisbee again. When we got home, we had a bonfire and made Smores with the other apprentices and the kids, Rowan, Ella, Zea, and their friend Kalela.

Today, Em and I made French toast and hitchhiked to church, but couldn't get a hitch for a HALF HOUR and so were late for church! It was quite unnerving. We walked home and I made a refreshing banana/papaya smoothie and then took a beautiful afternoon nap. When I woke up, I played hair dresser and cut John, Emily, and David's hair! We gave Dave a mohawk for about 10 minutes. Then all 6 of the apprentices, Me, Emily, Dave, Yuko, John, and Jason did yoga. I've realized stretching is really important for farming, but something I haven't really been doing at all, and my back is suffering from it.

The apprentices now get along really well together, which is very nice. Yuko and Jason are leaving at the end of the week though, so that's sad. But hopefully we'll get some fun new people to take their place.

I'm really trying to live in the present and not worry about the future and leaving, but I can't help it, especially because I'm so excited to visit Phoenix and see my Michelle-y boo and play frisbee.

Mushi mushi, I heart sushi,