Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Very large centipedes.

This week has been a bit chaotic because 3 apprentices who have been here for about 7 or 8 months just left. We were crowded with the overlapping apprentices, and with them packing and celebrating their time in Hawaii, things were a little nuts and way fun. I got some sweet give away clothes out of it, too.

Here is another reason why this farm is a dream come true for me: we have dress up harvest days and dress up potlucks. We have a dress up box. On Sunday night, three of the guys dressed in drag with dresses and wigs. It was amazing. Eventually i'll put up pics.

Emily and I planted coffee trees last Wednesday. We had to move some wooden pallets, and I saw the biggest centipede i've ever seen in my life. Like as thick as my finger! It totally grossed me out, and justifiably so b/c their bites are horrendous.

We checked out some of the nearby thrift stores. I bought this hawaiian print shrug type thing. Em and I tried traditional Hawaiian food--Laulau (a meat like pork seasoned and wrapped in taro leaves and then steamed), this salmon-y tomato salsa stuff, macaroni/potato salad (yep, that's what they normally have with their meals), and we got chocolate haupia cake! yum, cake. we also tried poi, a fermented goo made from the taro root. it's purple and very plain tasting. they eat it with fish and meat usually. Anyway, i was famished so it all tasted very good.

Em and I also tried out riding bikes to get around for the first time. It's a nice way to get around, but a bit scary because the roads are narrow and busy and we don't have helmets. We'll just be really careful.

All is well and Em and I both have avoided bad burns AND farmers tans.


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m!chelle-y* said...

your so sodding lucky! the food sounds exotic...you must put up more pics...i cant wait to see the dressups!!! you always rock them!
careful on the bikes...only healthy risks allowed!