Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Potlucks, pizza, and whales

My goodness, these have been a good couple of days. On Sunday night, we had a potluck. Everybody made a dish to share and most everything was veggies from the farm. Honestly, it was probably the best food i have ever tasted. Let me tell you what we had: Emily and i made green beans with coconut, ginger, and tamari; there was a squash/beet/carrot stir fry, a salad (with lettuce from the farm obviously) with avocado and a homemade green dressing that had garlic, parsley, cilantro and some other stuff, fresh baked sourdough bread, rice, and a black bean salad with parsley. Man.

Monday, Ken traded lettuce for pizzas with a local pizza place, and it was the best pizza. Good gravy. There was one with feta, artichokes, spinach--pizza heaven. Later that day after we finished with the harvest, we gathered for what we all thought was a few hours at the beach (Emily stayed back for this one). We ended up getting some beer and staying until sunset. Just before sunset, we were blessed to see a humpback whale jump out of the water. My heart nearly exploded with joy. Then, since it was Karuna's last night, we went first to a kava bar, then to the Kona Brewery, and then to a bar. It was quite an entertaining night.

Today, Emily and I replaced our full bed with 2 twins in our tent and so we will both sleep a little better with our own bed. We just got a new intern today and there are going to be three more people leaving within the month, so there is a lot of transition on the farm right now. It reminds me of Maggie's Place a bit in that respect.

I'm feeling more comfortable and familiar with the farming duties, and things just keep getting better.


m!chelle-y* said...

mmmmmm that food sounds amazing!

Maggie said...

a whale!? that's so awesome!!!!!!

MsVerma said...

This is so beautiful.... ginger, cilantro, sunset-- have to be the best words!
Though I was just about to put a frozen Tombstone veggie pizza in the oven....it is going to taste like cardboard vomit after this description!! :)

MsVerma said...

also...so neat to trade lettuce for pizza. wow. artichoke spinach amazing.