Thursday, February 19, 2009


There are lizards everywhere. When you walk, the leaves are always rustling with lizards running away from you. Yesterday, I saw the coolest chameleon with these 3 horns coming out of its head. Ken the farmer picked it up and handed it to me and said it was a Jones chameleon, I think. It walked all over my arm and had the coolest feet with sharp little claws (i had little scratches all over my arm, actually). He started turning darker b/c he was threatened, but didn't freak out on me thankfully.

I also tried going for a run yesterday. Man. This particular spot on the big island is not ideal for running unless you want your running workout to be a hill workout EVERY DAY. The main road is the only relatively level road but it's a narrow, two-lane road that has a good amount of traffic, curves, and barely any shoulder at some points. Also, I haven't found any frisbee games close by.

I really want some cake. Papayas are great and all, but man a nice slice of cake would be so good right now. Or cookies. Or even a dark chocolate bar. (So if you were thinking you'd like to send me a package with some sweet goodies, that would be a-ok).

Bye for now,

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MsVerma said...

I have a student who really likes lizards....and his last name is Jones! I'm going to tell him about this!