Saturday, February 21, 2009


Emily never writes on here.

We went to an avocado festival today. They had a free make-your-own-sushi table. Avocados are everywhere. It's like a dream.

We went to a bar last night that we can walk to. It was very small. There were a lot of older people who were dancing to the live rock and roll music. We saw half of them today at the Avocado Festival. It was the first time Em and I had beer since we got to Hawaii, so it was okay for us.

Oh, and we went to a snorkel beach yesterday and saw 3 sea turtles. And some pretty yellow fish. The swimming was awful though b/c of the rocks. Black sand was cool though.



MsVerma said...

How is the pineapple!? I will trade you cake for pineapple

Coriena said...

i've only had one pineapple since i've been here. They're not as plentiful.